10 Marriage Rules from Wilson Creek Winery

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10 Marriage Rules from Wilson Creek Winery

Hello, this is SoCalization, the only Southern California wine specialty store in Japan!

At our company, we have made Japan Southern California, and have set the mission of "valuing the importance of enjoying life more" and "valuing the bonds between families, couples, and couples."

In this blog post, I would like to write on the theme of family love and couple love, and I would like to introduce Wilson Creek Winery, which we deal with as an authorized dealer.

Wilson Creek was started in 1996 by 65-year-old husband Jerry and wife Rosie Wilson who were considering retirement.

Jerry, who was successful as a financial advisor, did not choose to live a leisurely retirement life along the beach in California. The reason is that it is full of family love .

The reason for this was that a total of 24 people from three generations of the Wilson family, who were scattered all over the United States at the time, were gathered and lived together .

For the next 25 years, Jerry, with the spirit of love typical of a Christian family, was always devoted to others, to his employees, to his family, to Temecula, and to growing his business. It had become a highly sought-after winery.

At his 20th anniversary event, it was his wife Rosie who he continued to praise for the first eight minutes of his speech as all over Temecula celebrated his success and leadership . He continued, "The thing I'm most proud of is my family. " Jerry passed away in November this year surrounded by his family, but at Socalization , we would like to convey this kind of family love to Japan through the taste of Wilson Creek. increase.

After all, is it still a sight that can not be seen in Japan? In Japanese, there are modest expressions such as ``gutsuma'' and ``bad son,'' but it is precisely because Japan has such customs that it is not like Jerry who shows off his wife in front of others, but rather honors and appreciates his wife honestly. It would be wonderful if we could become a society where we can do that.

As for the main ten articles, I would like to share with you the original blog post written by Jerry Rosie, who was married for 66 years.


10 rules for married life

  1. If you have any concerns, discuss them with an adult. Don't let small things become big things! If something is bugging you, put it on the table and deal with it in an adult manner. Don't let the little things become big things!
  2. Never criticize your partner in front of others. Talk between the two of you. Never criticize your spouse in front of other people. Discuss these items in private.
  3. Don't talk about money problems or big problems before going to bed. Do not discuss finances or big problems just before bed.
  4. Pick a fight. Most things aren't worth arguing about. Make it meaningful to each other. Choose your battles. Most are not worth fighting over - it should be a win-win situation.
  5. Admit when you do something wrong. that's an adult. Part of maturity is being able to admit that you were mistaken. "I screwed up!"
  6. Don't expect perfection from your partner. you're not perfect! Don't expect your partners to be perfect....YOU AREN'T!
  7. to support each other. Be your opponent's number one fan. Be supportive of each other - be your partner's biggest fan.
  8. Communication is important. Make decisions together. Communication is very important.
  9. always say i love you Remember to always say I love you.
  10. keep dating. And sometimes surprise! Continue to date each other, and be spontaneous!


Were there any articles that you particularly liked? Number 6, "Don't expect perfection from the other party," is something that makes me startled. I think 7,9,10 are also very good.

Finally, a message from the couple.

Marriage isn't easy or perfect, what's important is that you two have chosen to get to love each other for the rest of your lives, and together you will navigate through whatever comes your way.

Marriage is neither easy nor perfect. What is important is that they have decided to love each other for the rest of their lives, and to move forward together no matter what trials stand in their way.

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