Malibu Rocky Oaks

Chardonnay / Chardonnay 2018

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A high-class chardonnay with a dangerous charm

Malibu, a beach town in Southern California where Hollywood celebrities live. (Malibu)

The white wine was made with the goal of "making the perfect Chardonnay" in the fields of Malibu Rocky Oaks, a castle in the sky, on a hill at an altitude of 610 meters, where you can see a sea of ​​clouds.

A noble and powerful golden color that shines in the glass, with a rich and sexy barrel scent.

Yes, it is a proof of long-term aging in Haute Futaie barrels made by Séguin Moreau - the world's finest French oak made in forests strictly managed by the French government since the 14th century .

A buttery and creamy oak feeling that swells when you put it in your mouth. A strong acidity that brings harmony there. If you gulp it down while savoring it luxuriously, the long aftertaste like a high-end cigar blows through the back of your nose.

Even though it has such a strong personality, it's strange that you won't get tired of drinking it alone.

Feel like a bachelor/bachelorette with Malibu Rocky Oaks wine, which was also used as a filming location for the US version of Bachelorette .

Natural Wines Malibro Rocky Oaks:

  • Use organic crop protection agents for pest control
  • Herbicide Free
  • Use of natural yeast
  • Contains less than half the antioxidants of EU organic wine standards ( Standard value: 100mg/L This wine: 40mg/L)
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable procurement and manufacturing methods

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Recommended way to drink:

  • In order to maximize the aroma, use a Burgundy-shaped glass rather than a normal white wine glass.
  • The impression changes depending on the temperature, so drink it slightly chilled, then drink it when it gets lukewarm, and drink while looking for your favorite temperature.
  • Seafood in a thick cream sauce and

Grape variety/Varietal: Chardonnay

Contents 750ml alcohol content 15%

Malibu Rocky Oaks assembled a collective team that shares a common goal: Create a wine that is nothing short of perfection without restrictions. Buttery and creamy, with medium body, green apple aromas, and an exceptionally smooth crisp finish, this wine
Has decades of collective winemaking patience and experience. Savor as a standalone or pair with seafood and rich cream sauces.

Volume 750ml Alc 15%