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SoCalization Mission

SoCalization, whose mission is to spread the SOCAL lifestyle in Japan, is always looking for student interns.

The interns who can help us with our business are entrusted with work that is directly linked to the success of the organization, which cannot be experienced by interns in large organizations. We will entrust you with tasks that you can write as a solid "work history" on your resume in the actual job hunting, and we will support you to make a good start in your first year as a working adult.

We are currently recruiting for the following intern positions. If you are 20 years old or older, you can apply even if you are a first year university student. We also welcome those who have already graduated and want to build experience until a job is decided.

*Both can work remotely. We do not specify working hours. Students studying abroad at SOCAL are also welcome to apply.

■ Occupation

①Marketing Intern

  • Social media management such as Instagram and Tiktok, blog content collection and posting. (The media in charge will be distributed according to suitability)
  • Planning and operation of event marketing
  • Product planning/development/registration
  • Promotion planning
  • Management of Amazon, Rakuten Ichiba

②Videographer Intern

  • Edit Tiktok, Youtube videos
  • movie shooting

③ Designer intern

  • Creative design for flyers, banners, etc.
  • Web design (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, etc.)
  • LINE stamp and NFT art design


Common positions:

  • serious about building one's own career
  • Strong desire to grow and learn
  • Altruistic spirit (people who want to work for society)
  • Sociability/Teamwork
  • Deep understanding and sensitivity to social media
  • Liquor/Gourmet lover
  • Have a PC with basic office software (Power Point, Word, etc) installed

videographer, designer

  • Have Adobe Creative Cloud and be able to edit images and videos


  • Can use English at business level
  • Have traveled to SOCAL/Currently studying abroad
  • Have been to wineries such as Temecula
  • knowledgeable about wine and craft beer
  • I like wine and craft beer

■ Rewards, etc.

  • One bottle of almond sparkling wine per month (or company discount for that price)
  • Commission payment according to the sales of attracting customers and referral orders (if you are interested in affiliate)
  • Job hunting support (resume and ES checks and advice)
  • No transportation expenses (Please apply only if you can accept the above benefits)

■ Recruitment record

Sophia University, Rikkyo University, Chiba University, Yokohama City University, The University of Sydney, Doshisha University, San Diego State University, International Christian University, University of California Los Angeles, Keio University, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

*In order of new hires