Temecula - Temecula

An hour north of San Diego, California's southernmost city, and an hour and a half drive south of Los Angeles, there is a winery town called Temecula.

Although it is an inland city in California with a dry desert climate, it is only about 30 km away from the west coast, and because it is located in a valley between mountains, it is foggy in the morning and creates a temperature difference between day and night, which is the reason for grape cultivation. is said to be suitable for

The history of wine is new even in the New World, and the first grapes were planted in 1968, but around 1980, wineries where wine tasting began to appear. It is one of California's most visited wine regions .

In 2019, it was selected as one of the world's TOP 10 wine travel destinations ( 10 Best Wine Travel Destinations of 2019 ).

SoCalization specializes in importing and selling Temecula wines and Southern California wines that are not yet distributed in Japan.

Temecula's name comes from the local Native American word "Temecunga," meaning "land of the sun," which the Spaniards translated as "sunshine pouring through fog." It is the only city in California that still uses a Native American place name.