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Thank you for visiting SoCalization, the one and only online wine store in Japan that features wines from Southern California.

Our mission is to promote laid-back SoCal (Southern California) lifestyle in Japan through SoCal food culture.

Yes, that includes you all expats in Japan who are exhausted with social pressure to work longer and harder, sacrificing your personal life like a Japanese corporate sarari-man....  We need to SOCAL-IZE! 

Although, our SoCalization website is not fully translated into English, we strive to serve English-speaking customers like you. 

We made most of our product descriptions to include English and if you shop through HERE or from collections banner within this page, your check-out process will become entirely in English. You can fill in your address in English and we will deliver it to you no problem ;)

Those of you from Los Angeles or San Diego and have been to Temecula, YES we have your favorite Almond Sparkling wine from Wilson Creek, and many more great wine brands from the region are coming!



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Featured Winery | Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate & Vineyards

Hosting a Bachelor/Bachelorette viewing party? Why not pair with wines from Malibu Rocky Oaks where Bachelorette original version in the US was shot for some episodes? 

Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards - SoCalization the Authorized Retailer in Japan


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