Malibu Rocky Oaks

Cabernet Reserve 2017

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Smooth as silk. Malibro Rocky Oaks, a masterpiece of Bordeaux style

Malibu , a beach town in Southern California where Hollywood celebrities live. ( Malibu )

On top of the hill at an altitude of 610 meters, in the field of Malibu Rocky Oaks , a castle in the sky where you can see a sea of ​​clouds, the celebrity purveyor "Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Blend" was made.

Malibro Rocky Oaks has all the conditions for making fine wine , such as the abundant sunshine typical of Southern California, low rainfall, the temperature difference between day and night caused by a sea of ​​clouds, and the good drainage of the volcanic soil flowing through the ground. there is

A dark ruby ​​color with notes of volcanic soil and hints of vanilla, reminiscent of the Santa Monica Mountains. After the taste of ripe blackberries that feel the Southern California sun, a gentle texture like silk wraps around the tongue. This is followed by the gentle magnetic acidity that characterizes volcanic wines , and is perfectly balanced.

This is Mali Blocky Oaks. A veteran winemaker with over 40 years of experience in Sonoma uses grapes from the top section of the field. A technique that can only be achieved by carefully hand-picking and fermenting with natural yeast to maximize the original taste of the ingredients and the land .

Natural Wines Malibro Rocky Oaks:

  • Use organic crop protection agents for pest control
  • Herbicide Free
  • Use of natural yeast
  • Uses less than half of the EU organic wine standard for antioxidants ( standard value: 100mg/L for this wine: 40mg/L)
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable procurement and manufacturing methods

Click here for a feature article on why Malibu Rocky Oaks makes fine wine

Recommended way to drink:

  • that way
  • Luxury chocolate like Godiva
  • Steak with herbs such as rosemary
  • Duck meat with berry sauce and
Blend Composition:
  • Cabernet Sauvignon 85%
  • Malbec 8%
  • Petit Verdot 5%
  • Merlot 2%

Contents 750ml alcohol content 15%

Each year MRO reserve is inspired by the blackbirds that stalk the hand-picked vineyard during the autumn harvest. Blended from a marriage of specific vineyard blocks that produce our most exceptional fruit, its nose begins with jammy blackberries and
hints of vanilla, followed by full body and perfect acidity. Complex and balanced, the reserve is matched only by the soaring grace of the local blackbirds. This wine can be savored as a standalone or paired with your favorite grilled meats and barbecued foods.

Volume 750ml Alc 15%

*The videos and photos include a different vintage, but the product you will receive is 2017.

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