French-style wine made by a famous second-generation Japanese winemaker and chef

Piedrasassi Piedrasassi Santa Barbara santa barbara

Piedra Sassi is a very small winery owned by two married couples.

One pair is Sashi & Melissa Moorman. Sashi, whose real name is Musashi, is an up-and-coming second-generation Japanese winemaker and consultant. He is involved in wine making in various parts of the United States, such as Santa Barbara and Oregon, and his wine is highly rated.

Another pair is Peter and Amy Pastan. An acclaimed chef and producer in Washington DC. In 2003, we started making wine from the Syrah grape, which grows in cool climates, in order to create wines that bring out the character of the land and can be enjoyed with food.

Piedra Sassi means "rock and stone" in Italian, and the name comes from the syllables of the two owners, Peter and Sassi.

Sashi's wine training takes place at Ojai Vineyards and is influenced by traditional French Syrah production that reflects the terroir.