SoCalize &Socialize


~ Bringing Southern California Lifestyle to Japan ~

We aim to bring the relaxed lifestyle and values of Southern California to Japan through food culture and contribute to improving the quality of life (QOL).



SoCalization ソーキャリゼイション ミッション


Origin of Company Name 

The name 'SoCalization' was created by combining 'SoCal' (Southern California) which means Southern California and '-ization' which means "to make into" to represent our goal of "Southern Californianizing" Japan. For the origin of our logo and slogan, please click here. 


ソーキャリゼイション 社名の意味 SoCalization meaning of the brand

Awareness of Issues at Stake 

The founder of SoCalization has spent half of his life in Japan and the other half abroad. He has witnessed social issues in Japan such as long working hours, declining birthrate, and weakened family and spousal relationships. They wish to improve these issues through their business.

While work is important, it's not the sole reason for living. It's absurd to sacrifice oneself for work to the point of wearing down one's mind and body. If one works to support their family and spouse, but cannot spend quality time with them in a relaxed manner, then it's counterproductive.

This work style, which causes mental and physical exhaustion, can become ingrained in one's life without them realizing it due to the surrounding environment. But is it okay to leave it as it is?南カリフォルニア SoCalization 抱えている問題意識

SoCal Culture

~ Southern California Culture ~

SoCal's "Spiritual Abundance" is What SoCalization Wants to Spread

  • Southern Californians Say、"YOLO" 
    • 「You Only Live Once  = You only live once, so let's enjoy it to the fullest.
  • Southern Californias Value Work <<< Family 
    • Leaving the office on time and using all paid time off are a given. Employees can take a day off because their child has a fever, or go home early for an anniversary, even if they don't need to use their paid time off. The company also values the family life of its employees.
  • Southern Californians are、Always Relaxed
    • They are never angry, never in a hurry, and always relaxed. It's gonna be fine even if something bad happens.