Philosophy/Representative Introduction

Mission - SoCalize & Socialize -

-Bringing Southern California lifestyles and values ​​to Japan-

Through food culture, we convey the relaxed lifestyle of "SoCal" to Japan and contribute to the improvement of quality of life (QOL).

SoCalization mission

Origin of company name

The company name SoCalization has the meaning of "making Japan Southern California". It is a coined word made by connecting SoCal (Southern California) which means "Southern California" and -ization which means "to change".

*Please see here for the origin of other logos and slogans.

SoCalization meaning of the brand

Awareness of problems

The founder of Socalization, who has spent half of his life in Japan and overseas, and has seen both sides of the world, is working hard to address social issues such as long working hours, declining birthrate, and the weakening of family and marital relationships in Japan. We hope to improve through

Work is important, but we don't live to work. It's strange to wear out your mind and body to selfless service. Even though you work to support your family and married life, if you can't spend a relaxing and calm time with those important people, isn't it putting the cart before the horse?

Such a work style that wears out both body and mind is often taken in by the surrounding environment and not noticed by oneself. But should it be left as it is?

Southern California SoCalization Problem Awareness

SoCal Culture

~Culture of Southern California~

Socalization wants to spread is SoCal's "spiritual richness "

  • People in SoCal say "YOLO"
    • "You Only Live Once = You only live once, so let's enjoy it with all our strength."
  • People in SoCal are Work <<< Family
    • It is natural to leave work on time and use paid leave. You can take a day off when your child has a fever, get up early because it's an anniversary, and you can do that without using your paid vacation. The company also values ​​the family life of its employees.
  • People in SoCal are always Relaxed
    • Don't get angry, don't rush, always stay relaxed. It's gonna be fine, even when bad things happen.

SoCalization Core Values

~ Socalization Three Values ​​~

SoCalization Core Values ​​incorporates the values ​​of SoCal people . In order to spread social culture to people who are exhausted in Japanese society, we will always return to the following three values ​​to select products and provide services.

We will not stop until shopping at Socalization is an empathy for Socal culture and is recognized as a person's Life Statement (embodiment of values) . .

SoCalization yolo love relax value

Introduction of the founder

SoCalization founder Toshiyuki Shirakami

Shushi Shirakami
Temecula at Wilson Creek Winery

Born in Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture, lived in Malaysia until the age of 13. I love traveling and gourmet food, and have traveled to more than 20 countries overseas and 15 American states so far.

In his second year at a company he joined as a new graduate, he was transferred to the San Diego branch and lives in Southern California.

Working in Socal - Southern California - and staying with an American family had a great influence on his outlook on life and family .

I was used to overseas, but SoCal felt special. The sun setting over the Pacific Ocean is breathtakingly beautiful with cloudless weather like autumn weather in Japan all year round. Thanks to the climate, the people are incredibly bright and friendly .

I liked my job and enjoyed it, so I sometimes worked overtime until late. However, when a colleague who always comes home on time asked me how long I had stayed, and when I told him that I had stayed until 11:00 pm, I was seriously worried, saying, “Whaaaat? I was able to be taken on time. In addition, almost all of the students had pictures of their families, children, and lovers on their desks. There, time to enjoy life and family time was more important than work.

During my MBA life, I stayed with an American family for a year. The bond between husband and wife and parent and child is very strong, and it was a family that always said “I love you!” to each other. He treats me like his own son, praying for me before a test, and saying "Woohoo! I'm so proud of you! Great job, Shushi!" I'm so proud of you!" I felt a deep sense of family love .

At a winery in Temecula, not far from San Diego, which I occasionally visited on weekends, my impression of wine, which I thought was high-class and intimidating, changed. Everyone wears their favorite clothes, such as T-shirts and shorts, and there is no formality that I felt at the winery in Napa. After having a glass of wine poured at the counter indoors, drink it outside on the lawn terrace. You can stay all day long. There was a "luxury of doing nothing", rather than charging . Everyone came "just to have fun", and the winery staff were cheerful and friendly to any beginner.

I was shocked and impressed by the lifestyle and values ​​of Socal, and started by selling Southern California wines. However, what customers buy is "SoCal's values". Would you like to spread the way of life that is free from stress together?


  • Graduated from the Faculty of Policy Studies, Doshisha University
  • Joined Wi-Fi XCOM GLOBAL in Imoto
    • Tokyo Head Office Technical Support
    • San Diego Office Operations Manager
    • San Diego Branch Country Manager/Vice President
  • MBA from San Diego State University
  • Founded SoCalization Co., Ltd.