5 Recommended Movies Filmed in Southern California

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5 Recommended Movies Filmed in Southern California

Hello, this is KEINA from the SoCalization marketing department.

Southern California is a popular travel destination for its delicious wines, refreshing climate, and beautiful beaches, but perhaps because of its charm, it is often used as a filming location for movies. It seems that the reason why the movie industry developed in Hollywood in Southern California is because the climate is long and it is hard to rain.

With the emergence of the Omicron strain, the coronavirus situation is not going away, but this time I would like to introduce 5 movies that will make you feel the charm of Southern California in a travel mood!

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Top Gun

The action movie " Top Gun " is one of the famous movies shot in Southern California, mainly in San Diego, the southernmost point of Southern California. Naval aviator Maverick, played by Tom Cruise, is dispatched to Miramar Naval Air Station, which has an elite air combat training school (commonly known as Top Gun), and grows into an elite pilot while facing the past, love, and friendship of his late father. am. Now available on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video .

Top Gun is a training center that once existed, and only the chosen ones with excellent aviation technology entered, and the US military base used in the movie is still used by the US military today.

gray warship on body of water

Among the many memorable scenes, Maverick's sidekick Goose singing while playing the piano was filmed at the Kansas City Barbeque . Now known as the Top Gun Bar, this restaurant is located in downtown San Diego ( 600 West Harbor Drive San Diego, California ), and the producer who was looking for a shooting location had lunch here. It seems that it was used as a location triggered by. The retro feeling and the piano used in the filming and the restaurant full of photos and posters of the movie are tourist spots that you definitely want to visit when visiting San Diego.

* 36 years after the release of Top Gun, the sequel "Top Gun Maverick" , in which Maverick returns as a training school instructor, will be released simultaneously in Japan and the United States on May 27, 2022!

Some Like It Hot

Some Like It Hot is a famous comedy movie starring Marilyn Monroe and is currently available on U-NEXT . The movie begins when Joe and Jerry, who have witnessed a murder scene, dress up as women and join a women-only band to escape from the Mafia, and meet Sugar, who is in charge of singing Marilyn Monroe.

hotel del coronado hotel del coronado san diego san diego

Although the movie is set in Florida, the hotel used in the movie is actually the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego! ( 1500 Orange Ave, Coronado, California ) This hotel on Coronado, an island across the bridge from downtown, was used for most of the filming. This beautiful Victorian hotel is located right on the beautiful Coronado Beach, 12 miles long, and is one of San Diego's most famous hotels and landmarks.


The Oscar-winning movie Sideways is a must-watch for wine lovers and is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video . The movie begins with Miles, an aspiring writer and wine lover, and his best friend Jack, who is about to get married in a week, going on a wine tasting trip to Santa Barbara before the wedding. One way to enjoy the movie is to take notes on Miles' uninterrupted wine knowledge while visiting multiple wineries.

One of the attractions of sightseeing in Santa Barbara is that there are tours around the wineries, restaurants, and motels that appear in movies such as Sideways Wine Map and The Sideways Wine Trail, which are famous among wine lovers. No visit to Santa Barbara is complete without wine and food at the hitching post movie restaurant!

Incidentally, Santa Barbara's cool climate is one of the reasons so many delicious wines are made. Santa Barbara's terrain stretches from east to west, which is unusual on the north-south west coast, along with three valleys. The valley running east and west is characterized by inhaling the cold wind sent from the California Current, and thanks to the cold valley, it seems that it is possible to make elegant style wines like France and Germany.

Sideways Movie Origins Santa Barbara

I would like to get away from work and go to Santa Barbara for a relaxing wine tasting, but it's difficult to go on a trip due to Corona. If you enjoy the wine kingdom of Santa Barbara, SoCalization has nearly 30 types of Santa Barbara wines , so please check them out.

If you choose a Pinot Noir wine that Miles loves, Au Bon Climat wine is recommended, and it will appear in the play. Hitching Post We also carry wine from

au bon climat Pinot Noir

La La Land

The musical film "La La Land" starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, now available on Amazon Prime Video and Hulu , is one of the most iconic films shot in Los Angeles.

Mia, who dreams of becoming a famous actress, and Sebastian, a musician who dreams of building his own jazz club, fall in love and hope to spend the future together while pursuing love and dreams.

The famous scene in the movie where the two dance in the street was filmed in Griffith Park . In the movie, there are benches and street lamps in the background, but they are props made for the movie and do not actually exist. But don't worry. The observatory used in the scene where the two sing and dance in a beautiful planetarium is a real place called Griffith Observatory .

aerial view of white and brown dome concrete building

This beautiful architectural observatory is known to be the most visited observatory in the world, with 1.6 million visitors each year. Located at 4730 Crystal Springs Drive Los Angeles, California , it's naturally a popular Los Angeles night view spot, with a view of the Hollywood sign during the day, museums, theaters, and a zoo, there's plenty to do.

(500 Days) of Summer

500 Days of Summer is another LA-set movie. The film, which can be viewed now on Amazon Prime Video , opens with Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Summer (Zooey Deschanel) holding hands on a bench.

This is the story of Tom, who believes in destined love, and his relationship with Summer, who does not believe in destined love. Filming locations are primarily downtown Los Angeles, capturing a number of attractions.

The Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain in Grand Park is one of them, Los Angeles, CA 90012 is in In addition, Tom and Summer watched a movie together at the Million Dollar Theater at 307 South Broadway, downtown Los Angeles . It's a place I'd like to see in .


I think that you can fully feel the charm of Southern California in each of the 5 movies introduced this time!

It's been a long time since the corona virus hasn't subsided and it's not possible to travel abroad casually, but why don't you take a break with Southern California wine in one hand and watch the movies we introduced as if you were traveling ?

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