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Modern Times Fruitlands PF&Guava

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A staple product of Modern Times where you can enjoy the refreshing acidity derived from lactic acid bacteria and the fruity fruitiness.

Until now, it was sold as a large bottle, but from 2017, the passion fruit & guava version has newly joined the canned product group.

Originally born in Goslar, Germany in the 16th century, the beer style "Gose (Note 1)" uses salt, wheat malt, coriander and hops, is fermented with lactic acid bacteria before boiling (Note 2), and is then brewed with regular water after boiling. A fermented sour session beer with a pleasant acidity and saltiness.

It gained popularity in Leipzig in the 18th century, and although it was about to become extinct after World War II, it was reprinted.

It is currently being reviewed by American brewers, and has become a trendy style in recent years, with some breweries starting brewing around 2013.

Based on this traditional beer style, passion fruit and guava are added to create a fruity beer full of tropical fruits.

Orange mixed with milky white when poured into a glass.

Aromas burst with tropical fruits of passion fruit and guava, with hints of lemon.

Passion fruit and guava still dominate the palate, followed by accents of saltiness and fresh acidity.

The finish is dry with pleasant acidity.

The name Fruitlands comes from a farming community founded in June 1843 in the village of Harvard, Massachusetts.

People who live a lifestyle that does not use animal-derived clothing and food, which is now called vegan, gather to create a paradise on earth (build an ideal relationship with the environment) based on utopian thought. )” was intended.

Note 1) Read as "Goza" or "Gose".

It is different from Gueuze, a Belgian style with a similar name and characteristics. Sour ring can be done in a short time compared to

Depending on the timing of souring, it is possible to leave the lactic acid bacteria in the beer or sterilize it, and if fermentation is started after boiling, the lactic acid bacteria will remain alive in the beer.

On the other hand, when boiling is performed after fermentation with lactic acid bacteria, sterilization is performed at the same time, so there is no need to worry about contamination.

ABV: 4.8%
IBUs: 17
Liquor: Happoshu
Ingredients: malt, hops, passion fruit, guava
Brewery: Modern Times
Style: Gose
Contents: 473ml