Affiliate Program Terms

1. SoCalization Affiliate Program Overview

This program is based on the business philosophy of SoCalization Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") "Importing a relaxed lifestyle through Southern California products and contributing to improving people's QOL". Affiliate partners (hereinafter referred to as "partners") who cooperate in sales and advertising will be paid commissions according to the results.

2. Enrollment and participation in the program

This program currently accepts enrollment only by invitation from our company, and if for some reason you were able to apply without an invitation, please understand that we may cancel your enrollment later.

We will ask you to join this program if we can confirm that you have a certain level of sales and advertising power.

In addition, for individual, corporate, store, etc. partner candidates that we have approached, when introducing our company, the following content and behavior are not included in your site, media, or sales activities, or posted Please proceed with the enrollment procedure after promising and accepting that you will not be.

  • Violent, sexual, discriminatory (regardless of gender, race, religion, nationality, age, etc.), or content containing insulting content
  • Content or behavior that encourages illegal activities
  • Content or behavior that infringes on the intellectual property rights of a third party
  • Content or behavior that damages the honor or reputation of our company or our products

In addition, partner candidates are deemed to have agreed to the following anti-social forces exclusion clause.

  • Partners represent and warrant that none of their officers, employees, employees, parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, or business partners fall under any of the following categories.
    • Organized crime groups, designated organized crime groups, designated organized crime group associations, and organized crime group members defined in Article 2 of the Law Concerning the Prevention of Unfair Acts by Organized Crime Group Members
    • Gang-affiliated company
    • associate member of a crime syndicate
    • Aggregate racketeers, social movements, political movements, etc., or special intelligence violent groups, etc.
    • Other items equivalent to the preceding items

3. Commission Link

After your enrollment in this program is approved, a "commission link" linked to commission calculation will be given to each partner and can be used for our advertising and sales activities. You can check this link from the affiliate program portal and change it accordingly. Please see 7. for details on orders eligible for commission.

Partners will be disqualified for commissions on orders that have not been properly posted and routed to the commission link provided, and thus our systems have not been able to record that the referral order is from that partner. Please be aware of this. Please be sure to confirm that there are no mistakes in the commission link before posting and providing guidance.

4. Partner Eligibility

By participating in this program, you are deemed to have read and agreed to the terms of this affiliate program, as well as the terms of use, shipping policy and privacy policy posted on our site.

In the event that the partner engages in actions or acts contrary to the above policies and terms, the Company may (1) withhold payment of the commission debt, (2) cancel the commission debt, (3) close the partner account, or (4) confiscate the partner qualification. Or you may do everything.

In addition, in maintaining the partner qualification, it is assumed that you have agreed to the following matters.

  • Sending e-mails and postal mail with information about the affiliate program
  • Monitor, record, analyze and use data accumulated through Commissionlink
  • Investigation and confirmation that sales and promotional activities comply with the rules

5. Disclaimer

If you are a partner, please manage and supervise your site, media creation, and content management work at the partner's responsibility.

We will provide dedicated commission links, product images, and our logo materials for each partner through the affiliate program portal, but we will not be responsible for the accuracy, completeness, appropriateness, legality, Please ensure that safety is the responsibility of the partner.

We will not be held responsible for any damages or losses to our customers caused by carelessness in the management and supervision of your site.

6. Order processing and management

Orders placed through Commission Link will be processed for shipment in accordance with our normal terms and conditions. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate special arrangements requested by customers or partners due to physical or time constraints.

All commissionable orders are recorded on our Affiliate Program Portal, where we and our partners can view detailed records online.

7. Commission

The calculation of the commission amount is performed for the "commission eligible orders (hereinafter referred to as eligible orders)". Commissions are paid on the product price excluding tax at the commission rate set for each partner, and shipping and consumption taxes are not included in the commission calculation .

Commission-eligible orders refer to orders that have been purchased via the commission link given to each partner. Cookies work and record users who click on commission links for 30 days, so even if the purchase from that user is made from a normal link, it may be recorded as a target order, but cookie settings for each user We cannot guarantee that the behavior will differ depending on the model. Thank you for your understanding.

In addition, if multiple partners induce the same user to purchase, the system is such that the partner linked to the commission link that the user stepped on last is given the right to receive the commission.

Please note that the following purchases will not be commission-eligible orders.

  • Purchases that were not recorded by the affiliate program's system because the commission link was not correctly posted and directed.
  • Expired cookie sessions and purchases that the affiliate program system could not record due to the user's cookie settings
  • Purchases delivered for the partner himself
  • Purchase for resale
  • Purchasing after losing partner status
  • Purchases that have been canceled, returned, or refunded
  • Purchasing through advertisements that compete with our listing advertisements or digital marketing advertisements


Commission payments will be collected at the end of the month in which the payment and shipment of the target order are completed, and will be paid at the end of the following month.

The standard commission rate is 8% , but it may be a different rate if a separate agreement is formed with us.

In addition, if the minimum standard amount of commission payment of 10,000 yen is not met, payment of commission will be withheld until it reaches 10,000 yen. If a separate agreement is formed with us, the standard amount may be different.

Payment methods for commissions are Paypal or bank transfer. In the case of bank transfer, the transfer fee will be borne by the partner. In the case of Paypal, we will bear the cost, so we recommend setting up Paypal.

9. Our Policies and Fees

Users who shop through commission links are subject to the same rules, policies, product prices, delivery schedules, email delivery, and inquiries as regular customers and users of our company, and may change without notice due to changes in our business circumstances. there is.

10. Confidentiality Obligations (Important)

Disclosure or leakage of any undisclosed information obtained through this program to third parties is prohibited. This non-public information includes, but is not limited to, customer information, personal information, business partner information, cost information, commission rate set for each partner, commission amount, number of purchases, and special agreements. . We ask that you strictly manage information.

This obligation of confidentiality shall survive in perpetuity notwithstanding Partner's withdrawal from, withdrawal from, or expulsion from the Program.

Regardless of intent or negligence, if the fact of disclosure or leakage of non-public information is discovered, the partner shall promptly report that fact to our company and compensate us for the damage we suffered.

Regarding the media files posted on the affiliate program portal, use for the purpose of sales promotion of our products is permitted, and posting and reprinting are permitted, but the following changes and modifications are prohibited without our permission. increase.

  • character change
  • Change of color
  • Changing the scale without destroying the aspect ratio of the original image
  • Synthesis with other images

In addition, the rights to the media files posted on this portal belong to us or our suppliers.

11. Agreed Jurisdiction

Any dispute between the Company and a partner arising from this Agreement shall be handled by the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court as the exclusive jurisdictional court of first instance, depending on the amount of the complaint.

12. Amendments to Terms

We may revise the Terms from time to time and will notify Partners by email of any revisions to the Program Terms.

If there is no reply within 4 weeks after sending the email, it is assumed that you have agreed to the revised contents. If you do not agree to the changes to the Terms, we will reply to that effect and either form an individual agreement or take procedures to withdraw from this program.

Last updated: October 30, 2020