Introduction of MRO ~ Malibu Rocky Oaks Winery ~ ③

Malibu Rocky Oaks, マリブロッキーオークス, ワイナリー, 結婚式 -

Introduction of MRO ~ Malibu Rocky Oaks Winery ~ ③

Hello! We are SoCalization , importing Southern California wines to Japan with the motto SoCalize & Socialize !

In the previous post, I wrote about our affiliated winery, Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards , and filmed the original American version of Bachelorette , a popular marriage-hunting reality show that will finally start broadcasting in Japan. We introduced that it was used as a stage, but surprisingly, you can hold a wedding ceremony at this winery in a private mansion !

↑ The photo uses the heliport. The beautiful circular seats are creative and Instagrammable, and I thought it would be nice if the bride and groom were easy for everyone to see. What do you guys think?

If you search YouTube, you will find a lot of actual wedding videos, so check them out here .

According to information from the winery , facility rental costs vary depending on the season, the day of the week, and the number of guests invited. ), and customizing the wedding interior, arranging shuttles, making photos, making videos, cooking, wine, etc., and it seems that it will land at about $ 50,000 ( 5 million yen ~).

If 125 people pay 5,000,000 yen, if each person pays 40,000 yen or more, that's a lot! (← calculating lol)

As you can see from the YouTube videos, everyone looks really happy!

If you live in Japan and would like to have your ceremony at this gorgeous Malibu Rocky Oaks! If you are a couple, please contact us once! Our company, which has a wine sales partnership, will contact the winery.