Bachelor Series Japan-US Comparison-What is in the American version but not in the Japanese version

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Bachelor Series Japan-US Comparison-What is in the American version but not in the Japanese version

Hello! SoCalization is a Southern California wine specialty store that also sells wines related to the American version of Bachelorette .

In the previous " Bachelorette Consideration of the ending by comparing Japanese and American formats ", we looked at the causes of the turbulent ending due to differences in Japanese and American formats and love culture .

In this post, I would like to introduce the differences between Japan and the United States in other areas . (Yes, this is not "watching" but "watching"!) There may be new systems imported to Japan in the future, so check it out!

table of contents:

1. Not necessarily a celebrity

Surprisingly (?), unlike the Japanese series, the main characters in the American version of the Bachelor Bachelorette series are not celebrities or high-spec rich people.

Most ordinary people are chosen as Bachelor Bachelorettes, and in Bachelor Season 19, Iowa farmer Chris Soules was chosen.

Occasionally, we have soccer players and bonbon sons, but we also have software salespeople and local bank employees.

Iowa farmer Chris. Agricultural support activities in Kenya.

2. The leading role is often handed over

One of the reasons why there are so many people with so-called ordinary jobs mentioned above is the selection of the leading role that is taken over from the performers .

In other words, if you compare it to the recent bachelorette, Sugi-chan, who was not selected in the final rose, will be selected as the next bachelor.

People who didn't get the final rose, who were highly favored , are often selected, so among the performers, "~~ will be selected as the next bachelor", "~~ will be the next bachelorette." I want you to be!" and so on. A recent example on Twitter was the #MikeforBachelor hashtag.

Since the Bachelorette has been introduced in Japan this time , I would like to see the cast transferability in Japan as well .

If you had to pick the lead of The Bachelor Season 4 from the cast of The Bachelorette, who would it be? !

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Nick, boasting four seasons in the Bachelor Series (Isn't he proud?)
  • Didn't get the final rose in the 2014 Bachelorette Andi season that first appeared
  • In the following 2015 Kaitlyn season, he made a special entry into the game from the 4th week and created a lot of haters😅
  • Spin-off Bachelor in Paradise (described later) will remain until the final week, but will not propose
  • In 2016, with the support of Nick fans, he was selected as a Bachelor and proposed to the last partner. However, after the end of the broadcast, they broke up...

3. Spin-off Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise Stage Playa Escondida Sayulita

Bachelor in Paradise Filming Stage Playa Escondida Sayulita

This is a spin-off that further develops the performer succession, but it is a collection of past performers men and women across seasons at a beach resort in Mexico.

The big difference is that men and women are not "one vs. many" but men and women are "many vs. many". .

It seems that the broadcast period will be 6 weeks and the recording will be 21 days, but during that time, multiple couples will gradually be completed.

Another rule is that performers who don't get roses every week will drop out, but occasionally performers will be replenished . The highlight is whether or not the replenished performers will enter between the couples who have been replenished and loot them, or whether one of the couples who seemed to be good will decide on a new character or not. It's going to be

Replenishment is done until the last episode, but there are some performers who are really just a farce because they usually do not break in somewhere when they go there. smile

The couples who survived for 6 weeks and feel good in the end can propose, but contrary to the feeling of a light setting, there are several couples who have unexpectedly moved proposals , and after that, they even got married properly. , can't be underestimated.

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Evan and Curly who finished the Bachelor in Paradise

4. 2 on 1 date is serious battle

A system that exists in both Japan and the United States, but with a different atmosphere, is 2 on 1 dating.

I think this is due to the cultural differences between Japan and America, where people don't make waves, and America, where people make their own claims . Already,,, it's a batch drumstick .

As for how it is used, there are two bad guys among the performers, and the bachelor/bachelorette who somehow senses it chooses one and leaves it.

If I remember correctly, it seems like it wasn't necessarily triggered in the American version. . . I thought, and when I looked into it, there was also a season that didn't.

↓ is a 2 on 1 date when Nick, who was introduced earlier, appeared as a bachelor. Taylor, a well-educated psychologist, and Colleen, a free-spirited caretaker, have been chosen for a 2-on-1 date. For the time being, if you can see it, you can feel the crackling feeling even if you don't understand English ... lol

If I were to choose two people that I wanted to use in Bachelorette Japan, would it be Fujii-san or Kusawa-san, whom beauty boy Setoguchi-san quarreled with? Since the important Setoguchi-san dropped out in the early stages, it may not have been possible to use it as Fukuda Moeko-san. In the mysterious Rose vs. Maracay selection, it seemed inevitable that neither of them would say goodbye after all.

I don't think 2on1 necessarily occurs!

5. No Stolen Rose

The Bachelorette Japan program also said that this is a "Japanese original", but the American version does not have a looting system during dating.

For me, it's a groundbreaking system, and I'm hoping that it will be re-imported into the American version, but I think Stolen Rose is grammatically strange (the stolen rose?), so I'll simply choose Steal Rose or sports-loving America. I think that it will be named around Intercept Rose with a similar expression.

Aside from that, I think there was meaning in carrying out the first issue in the world, Mr. Kusawa, even though he was defeated! 👏

Well, I hope you enjoyed looking at the differences between Japan and the United States in the Bachelor series. At our company Socalization, we have a mission to enrich the expression of love in Japan like in Southern California.

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