A lot of learning “Almond Day” media event

アーモンドの日, アーモンドスパークリングワイン, ウィルソンクリーク -

A lot of learning “Almond Day” media event

This is SoCalization, a Southern California wine specialty store!

I was invited to the "Almond Day Online Media Event" held on January 21st by the fate of handling " Almond Sparkling Wine " at our store, so I would like to share about it.

First of all, what is "almond day"? Today, January 23rd is almond day, which means that "if you eat 23 almonds a day, you can get vitamin E, which is ideal for beauty and health." Since then, it is a memorial day set by the California Almond Board.

In order to popularize this in Japan, at the Almond Day media event, Ms. Moeko Fukuda, who is famous for the first Japanese version of Bachelorette, will serve as an ambassador and talk about how almonds are incorporated into her daily diet. was talking

Almond Day Ambassador Moeko Fukuda Bachelorette

According to Moeko Fukuda, she doesn't miss running every morning, and due to the aerobic exercise, her body "oxidizes and rusts." It seems that he eats almonds on a daily basis to neutralize it with the "antioxidant effect" of vitamin E.

The next speaker was Ms. Nina Ishihara, Deputy Director of the Ishihara Clinic. In addition to the antioxidant effect that Ms. Moeko Fukuda was talking about, I thought that almonds are a vitamin "ace" superfood because they can take in vitamins "A", "C", and "E". am. Also, chewing your food well will increase the secretion of saliva, which will boost your immune system. It was very interesting.

Nina Ishihara Ishihara Clinic Almond Day

At the end, there was a mini-cooking/demonstration corner for "shakashaka almonds", where nut cuisine researcher Sara Otonaka introduced a simple almond recipe using a shakashaka bottle.

Nut cuisine researcher Sara Otonaka Shaka Shaka Almond

almond day shaka shaka almonds

Shakashaka kit distributed to the media, but there is a possibility that you can win by participating in the campaign of the California Almond Association.

California Almond Association Launches “Shakashaka Almond” Flavor Voting Campaign on January 23 Almond Day

The method is to vote for what you like in 5 flavors, it's easy. Please check the press release of the association for details.

  • Flavor: ① White sesame miso
  • Flavor ②: Strawberry
  • Flavor: ③ Chai
  • Flavor ④: Plum kelp
  • Flavor ⑤: Cheese pepper

All of them look delicious, but I personally like the chai flavor the most.

However, if we were to pair it with our specialty almond sparkling , would it be strawberry, plum kelp, and cheese pepper? It's a sweet sparkling, so sweet and salty meet very often.

Please give it a try and let us know what you think!

As an aside, in addition to almond sparkling wine, we also sell wine from Maliblockie Oaks , which was used as the filming stage for the American version of Bachelorette. I was really surprised at the number of points of contact. I would love to work with you.