Wilson Creek

White Cabernet / Variant Series White Cabernet

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Another Wilson Creek specialty, I made white wine with red grapes

Wilson Creek Variant Series White Cabernet Sauvignon, a white wine made from globally rare red wine grapes! (Wilson Creek Variant Series White Cabernet Sauvignon)

The second most popular wine in the Wilson Creek Winery tasting room ( almond sparkling wine is #1), this white wine is slightly sweet and has aromas of strawberries, melons and peaches, making it easy to drink and enjoyable.

If you want to choose something that will be appreciated at a wine party or as a gift, this is recommended!

Recommended way to drink :

  • Thai food and curry
  • goat cheese fruit salad

Grape variety/Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon

Contents 750ml alcohol content 11%

A true "White" wine with big aromas. The wines fruit plays on the palate integrating well with its acidity and sweetness.

Volume 750ml Alc 11%

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