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An IPA that was born in “Taiyo-zuke”. The taste of the sun that spreads in one bite

This limited edition IPA is an arrangement of the previously popular Sun Soaked West Coast IPA.
Double dry hopped regular Sun Soaked IPA to double the fruitiness and bitterness of the hops.
Dunk, tropical fruit and light herbal aromas, along with flavors of mango, passion fruit and raspberry. The result is a West Coast IPA full of Strata and Ekuanot hop characteristics.
San Diego boasts 246 days of sunshine per year. The name "Taiyo-zuke" is perfect for its dazzling taste.

  • ABV: 7%
  • IBUs:-
  • Ingredients: malt, hops
  • Style: West Coast IPA
  • Liquor tax classification: beer
  • Contents: 473ml
  • Container: CAN

With an average of 246 days of sun a year, it can be said that San Diego is soaked in sun. We invite you to enjoy this double dry hopped Sun Soaked IPA, inspired by and brewed in America's Finest City.

Flavor Profile:
Mango, passion fruit, and fresh berry flavors play off the heady, dank aroma of tropical fruits and light herbiness that comes from the Strata and Ekuanot combination.

Hops: Ekuanot, Strata, Amarillo