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Cool Delivery - Chilled Delivery

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*This is an optional item, so please order it at the same time as purchasing the product.

Recommended for hot summer days and when buying craft beer.

When delivering to cold regions such as Hokkaido and Nagano prefectures in winter, the temperature will be too low with regular shipping, which may cause deterioration, so we recommend using the winter cool delivery service.

Excuse me, but even if you order for free shipping, only the courier fee will be charged. Also, the refrigerated delivery fee will be added as the "product price", so please use it when you can get free shipping by adding 350 yen more.

*Delivery add-on

Chilled delivery add-on for hot summer days or delivery for craft beer.

Also recommended to use this in winter for icy/snowy regions like Hokkaido or Nagano, as with regular delivery, the temperature in truck can be too low for wines.

Please be advised this delivery add-on still costs you for free-shipping-qualified orders . However, we encourage you to use this chilled delivery option to make your order free-shipping-qualified when you are 350 JPY short from it.