Introduction of LINE official account functions ~ There are such good things when you register with LINE! ~

[🌈Guidance on opening a LINE account☀️]


Open a LINE official account that will increase your Southern California degree just by making friends with Socalmon !

Thank you for always supporting SoCalization ! ! !

We have opened a LINE official account that summarizes various useful functions! 🎉

On the official account, in addition to easy access to the online store, confirmation of purchase history and delivery status after purchase, content such as personal alcohol diagnosis and trivia quiz to learn and feel about alcoholic beverages and lifestyles in Southern California. There are plenty!

In addition, there are special benefits such as discount coupons for friends only! !

By all means, add the LINE official account as a friend and enjoy convenient and advantageous functions🐻☀️

Benefits of adding friends

🌴Personal Sake Diagnosis: Suggest recommended products for you according to your needs on the day!

🌴 10% off for the first time when you add a friend

🌴 Information on campaigns limited to friends (discount coupons, events, etc.)

🌴Trivia Quiz : A trivia quiz about alcohol and food culture in SoCal . If you answer correctly, you will receive a coupon!

🌴 My rank system : The SOCAL degree rank increases according to the purchase amount, and you can purchase at a great price!

🌴Check your purchase history

🌴Confirmation of delivery status : As soon as it is shipped, we will inform you of information such as the tracking number on LINE!

🌴Easy Inquiry: Automatic answers to frequently asked questions, and if you still don't understand, you will be smoothly guided to the inquiry form.

🌴 In addition, quick access to various information such as product information, blogs, SNS , etc. from the rich menu

Registration method

To add " SOCALIZATION " as a friend on LINE, scan the QR code below or click/tap the QR code to add it.

<More convenient by linking my store account with LINE❗️>

By linking with the official store account,

  • Check purchase history
  • Immediate notification when shipping/Check delivery status
  • My rank function etc.

will be available.

Please take advantage of it!

Step 1 : Become friends with the LINE official account.

Step 2: Tap "Link official store account with LINE " from the menu

Step 3: Enter the member information of the official store account on the "Link with Shop" page and tap "Link"

* If you have not registered an official store account, please register as a member first.

Step 4: On the LINE screen, tap "Tap here when member linking is complete" to complete


Q What are the benefits of linking members?

With member cooperation, you can do the following things.

  • You will be able to check "purchase history / delivery status" on LINE 🚙
  • You can receive "payment completion notification / shipping notification" on LINE 📧
  • Receive exclusive deals for members who have linked their accounts📪
  • You can easily make inquiries on LINE from Q&A✨
  • You can get a discount coupon on the 20th of every month with "My Rank" 🎁

Please cooperate with the members and use the convenient functions.

QI can't link members

There are several possible reasons for member linkage failure: ・The email address and password do not match ・The original member registration information and the registered address for Google pay , etc. are different

★If you use a function such as "Google pay" for payment, you will need to register as a member with the email address you are using for Google pay . If you can send the form below, we will send you registration instructions to the corresponding address. After completing member registration with an address such as Google pay , please try logging in again.

QI forgot my member information / password

  • Membership information can be found on My Page .

Southern California Socalmon SOCAL SOCALMON

🌺 Thanks for reading! We look forward to welcoming you all to the Republic of Southern California! ! 🧸🌴

* LINE benefits and contents are subject to change without notice. Please note.