Temecula in Southern California for wine lovers

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Temecula in Southern California for wine lovers

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~ Great place to enjoy winery tours and outdoor activities in a relaxed small town atmosphere ~

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With the emergence of the Omicron strain, the ban on travel is likely to be lifted for a little while longer, but today I would like to introduce a town in Southern California called "Temecula" that wine lovers and outdoor activity enthusiasts should definitely know about.

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Temecula as a wine region

If you're a wine lover, when you think of "California, the land of wine," do you think of Napa Valley, home to hundreds of vineyards? Napa Valley is undoubtedly one of the most famous wine regions in California.

However, the wine region that I would like to recommend to all wine lovers this time is a place called Temecula Valley in Southern California. Temecula is a notable production area with about 50 small wineries concentrated, including award-winning wines that are only available locally due to small production vintages.

Temecula is known as the largest American Viticultural Area in Southern California, known as the AVA, and is also a popular tourist destination visited by 3 million people annually. The wineries in this area are close to each other, and you can even walk to and from them. In addition, it is also attractive that it can be reached in about 1-2 hours by car from major airports such as LAX in Los Angeles and major cities in Southern California.

Temecula's wineries compete with each other to improve the quality of their wines, venues and tasting rooms, and South Coast Winery wins California's Best Winery Award for the second year in a row. It's grown so much.

This is thanks to a Mediterranean climate that is ideal for growing wine grapes, skilled winemakers, and the freedom to experiment and get immediate feedback from guests in the tasting room.

In fact, since the first commercial vineyard was established in this area in 1960, 24 different grape varieties have been planted from Italy, Spain, and France. From the major varieties of , Mediterranean varieties such as Sangiovese, Grenache, Tempranillo and Vermentino are raised.

Temecula's charm goes beyond wine

The charm of Temecula's wine scene is unmatched by any other wine-growing region. Temecula's culture is that wineries, both small and large, offer activities other than wine tasting. Many large wineries have hotels attached to them.

South Coast Winery Temecula Wine Winery

Wilson Creek Winery, with which SoCalization is affiliated, is a prime example. This award-winning, family-owned winery offers winemaking tours and wine tastings, as well as a members-only wine club, restaurant and outdoor grill, as well as a venue for weddings, concerts and events. It is like a complex entertainment facility.

winery wedding california temecula los angeles

Wedding scenery at Wilson Creek Winery winery

The entire Temecula Valley is not only home to wine, but craft breweries and hard liquor distilleries, as well as trend-setting cafes and restaurants.

When it comes to sports, Temecula is also famous for hosting golf tournaments. Temecula Creek Inn is a 27-hole course on 300 acres surrounded by wilderness, and there are nearly 10 golf courses, including The Legend Golf Club, which has an 18-hole course. . By the way, the golf equipment brand Callaway is known for originally running a winery in Temecula and then launching a golf brand. Callaway Winery is still located in Temecula and is a great gift for golf lovers and wine lovers.

Callaway Winery Photo: @aiaiaihime

Last but not least, the resort casino Pechanga is as popular and indispensable as wine when talking about Temecula. With 5,620 square meters of gaming space, Pechanga is one of the largest casinos in the United States and is known as the largest resort casino on the West Coast.

Pechanga Resorts & Casino Photo: @temeculaescape


Temecula offers great weather, wine and entertainment. For wine lovers, California's Temecula Valley is highly recommended. Nowadays, it is difficult to travel freely due to the corona virus, but why not make it a candidate for a wine sightseeing destination that you would like to visit when the ban on travel is lifted?

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