Only one week left during the Nuts Day Sale!

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Only one week left during the Nuts Day Sale!

Hello, this is Shirakami, the representative of SoCalization, which brings SOCAL = Southern California to Japan!

Since July 22nd is "Nuts Day" and we sell almond sparkling wine and nut snacks , we are holding a nut day sale!

The 4th emergency declaration was issued, and it was held until the end of the original August 22nd, and it was one week until the end of the nuts day sale.

Almond Sparkling Wine is a delicious wine when chilled. Even after the rainy season has ended recently, it's been rainy and humid in Japan, but I'd like you to blow away the stress of staying at home with a glass of almond sparkling wine. 😁🥂

We will introduce the recommended pairing points below, so if you are interested, please read it.

point of pairing

① Organic unglazed almonds

Organic unglazed almonds Seijo Ishii Nuts that go well with wine

Organic unglazed almonds are simple but have a slight sweetness. It's a blissful pairing that makes you feel refreshed with a refreshing and sweet almond sparkling wine with a simple taste of almonds. Unglazed almonds don't stick to anything and don't make your hands sticky, so it might be a good idea to enjoy this pairing while reading!

②Two kinds of truffle fragrant mixed nuts

Truffle Nuts Seijo Ishii Nuts that go well with wine

This is a snack of mixed nuts with almonds, walnuts, pistachios and macadamia nuts seasoned with truffle oil and truffle salt. It's salty, so it's a contrast with the sweet almond sparkling wine, and it's a synergistic pairing that brings out the saltiness and sweetness of each other. If you're Japanese, you'll agree that sweet watermelon tastes better when you add salt to it.

③Nuts pickled in honey

Honey Nuts Seijo Ishii Nuts that go well with wine

This is a luxurious snack that nuts use for honey. Contains almonds, cashews, walnuts and macadamia nuts. You can eat this as it is and pair it with sparkling almonds, but we recommend pairing it with blue cheese. We don't sell blue cheese at our store due to refrigerated storage, but I'd like you to buy blue cheese at a nearby supermarket or convenience store and try it together.

As a pairing point, first of all, the saltiness and smell of blue cheese contrast with the sweetness of honey. Furthermore, in terms of texture, cheese and honey stickiness, nuts crunchy texture, and almond sparkling shwashwa. Oh, this is the best! 😍

I want to try all the pairings together! We also have such a dreamy almond sparkling and nuts set ! You can buy it at a better price than if you buy it separately, so please check it out.

Finally sale details

The state of emergency declaration has been extended until the end of the month, and I think there are more and more people who are I'M GOING NUTS. With such frustration, the coupon code is " IM-GOING-NUTS "!

If you add almond sparkling and some nuts snacks to your cart, you can use it and get a 722 yen discount . The organic unglazed almonds and truffle nuts are 690 yen.

We are looking forward to your orders until August 22nd .

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