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Wilson Creek Red and White Wine Set / Wilson Creek Red n White

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I made a winery full of family love, Wilson Creek Winery red and white set!

"I want to spend my retirement life with my family!" Jerry and Rosie, who wished so, made up their minds at the age of 65, gathered a total of 24 family members, and founded a winery in Temecula, even though they had no experience.

A married couple, united as a family, 25 years later, it has grown to become the most popular winery in Temecula.

A must read for couples who have been together for over 60 years, " 10 Marriage Rules ". A set of Wilson Creek red and white wines for 8,880 yen, which is recommended for loving couples and couples who want to get married.

■ Set contents:

① Cabernet Zinfandel / Variant Series Cabernet Zinfandel

A popular series that sells out quickly

The 2020 vintage, which produced about 50,000 bottles, is a very popular series that has already sold out locally. The sweet fruit of Zinfandel ripened in the Southern California sun is tightened with the astringency of Cabernet. A hearty, full-bodied red served slightly chilled and enjoyed with Texas-style BBQ brisket.

The cabernet sauvignon skeleton is added to the ripe fruit and aroma that are characteristic of California wines, and it is well-balanced.

Aged in American oak and stainless steel barrels, it offers just the right amount of chocolate, vanilla and tobacco notes.

Recommended way to drink :

  • as wine at a barbecue
  • a little chilled

Grape variety/Varietal: 53% Cabernet Sauvignon, 47% Zinfandel

②White Cabernet / Variant Series White Cabernet

Wilson Creek specialty, white wine made from red grapes

Wilson Creek Variant Series White Cabernet Sauvignon, a white wine made from globally rare red wine grapes! (Wilson Creek Variant Series White Cabernet Sauvignon)

The second most popular wine in the Wilson Creek Winery tasting room ( almond sparkling wine is #1), this white wine is slightly sweet and has aromas of strawberries, melons and peaches, making it easy to drink and enjoyable.

If you want to choose something that will be appreciated at a wine party or as a gift, this is recommended!

Recommended way to drink :

  • Thai food and curry
  • goat cheese fruit salad

Grape variety/Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon

Contents 750ml alcohol content 11%