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Smog City Amarilla Gorilla / Smog City Amarilla Gorilla IPA 5 bottles set! !

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A set of 5 big and beautiful hoppy IPA that you can fully enjoy the hop character!

The beast from the jungle, Amarilla Gorilla IPA. While it is a big and beautiful hoppy IPA where you can fully enjoy the hop character, the perfect balance of malt and moderate bitterness make this IPA a very drinkable IPA. Fruity notes of mango, papaya and apricot are joined by citrus and pine aromas. The taste is as fruity as the aroma, with juicy pineapple and passion fruit, refreshing grapefruit and pineapple, and a slightly sweet melon-like fruity flavor, with a subtle sweetness like caramel and a pleasant hop-derived flavor. Bitterness coexists in a well-balanced manner. Medium bodied and smooth on the palate. It's a full cup with a solid drink, but it's an easy-to-drink finish.

ABV: 7.4%
IBU: ---
Ingredients: Malt, Hop Malt: ---
Hops used: ---
Style: IPA
Liquor tax classification: Beer Contents: 473ml
Container: CAN
Brewery: Smog City

This IPA is definitely from the jungle!

With notes of mango, papaya, apricot, and a touch of citrus and pine in the nose, this is one big beautifully hoppy IPA.

Enough malt balance and a restrained bitterness keep it very drinkable.

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