Malibu Rocky Oaks

Malibu Red and White Wine Set / Malibu Red n White

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I made a Malibu Rocky Oaks red and white set!

Malibu Rocky Oaks, the castle in the sky where the American version of The Bachelorette was filmed. A variety of elegant wines made in this land, which has the best environment for wine making, has landed in Japan for the first time by SoCalization, an importer specializing in Southern California!

■ Set contents:

① Cabernet Reserve 2017

Malibro Rocky Oaks has all the conditions for making fine wine , such as the abundant sunshine typical of Southern California, low rainfall, the temperature difference between day and night caused by a sea of ​​clouds, and the good drainage of the volcanic soil flowing through the ground. there is

A dark ruby ​​color with notes of volcanic soil and hints of vanilla, reminiscent of the Santa Monica Mountains. After the taste of ripe blackberries that feel the Southern California sun, a gentle texture like silk wraps around the tongue. Then Volcanic wine. It has a soft, magnetic acidity that characterizes ( volcanic wines ) and is perfectly balanced.

This is Mali Blocky Oaks. A veteran winemaker with over 40 years of experience in Sonoma uses grapes from the top section of the field. A technique that can only be achieved by carefully hand-picking and fermenting with natural yeast to maximize the original taste of the ingredients and the land .

Blend Composition:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon 85%
  • Malbec 8%
  • Petit Verdot 5%
  • Merlot 2%

Contents 750ml alcohol content 15%

②Chardonnay / Chardonnay 2018

The white wine was made with the goal of "making the perfect Chardonnay" in the fields of Malibu Rocky Oaks, a castle in the sky, on a hill at an altitude of 610 meters, where you can see a sea of ​​clouds.

A noble and powerful golden color that shines in the glass, with a rich and sexy barrel scent.

Yes it's made by Séguin Morrow - The world's finest French oak made from forests strictly managed by the French government since the 14th century - Haute Futaie Proof that it has been aged for a long time in an Outo Futi barrel .

A buttery and creamy oak feeling that swells when you put it in your mouth. A strong acidity that brings harmony there. If you gulp it down while savoring it luxuriously, the long aftertaste like a high-end cigar blows through the back of your nose.

Even though it has such a strong personality, it's strange that you won't get tired of drinking it alone.

Grape variety/Varietal: Chardonnay

Contents 750ml alcohol content 15%