L’Antica Quercia

Matiu Brut / Lantica Quercia Matiu Congeliano Prosecco Superiore Brut

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A fresh citrus wine that leaves your mind and body feeling fresh

About L'Antica Quercia

L'Antica Quercia (ancient oak) is named after the old oak tree, which is also the symbol of the winery. The commune of Conegliano, Veneto, located halfway up the Scomigo, a hill that stretches from the tops of the Dolomites to Venice. This area is known as one of the leading wine producing regions with rich nature with diverse soil, where the north wind from Belluno Prefecture always blows. Soils are highly decarburized ice deposits (a mixture of sand, clay, gravel and pebbles deposited by glaciers). Average annual rainfall 1,250mm. Even within a single vineyard, each plot has its own microclimate: the upper hills are windy, dry, stony, sunny and south facing, while the lower ones have more moist and clayey soils. . In order to express these individuality, we are brewing → assemblage by section. The winery owns 25 ha that spreads out from a hill where two old oak trees rise. 20ha is a single field, which is rare in Conegliano. The soil is rich in limestone, so the clusters are small and the branches are good, making for more elegant wines. The vine is Glera planted almost in the mid 90's. The Glera grapes used in Matiu and Ario are grown on the plateau to the east using the traditional Cappuccina method. The fields are also grown with a mixture of olive and pomegranate trees. Maps made up to 1800 show oak trees and vineyards, suggesting that oak trees, the symbol of the area, were grown. There is also a tasting room on site that recycles giant used barrels. It was originally a self-sufficient farm founded in 1965 by Pirade Riero, one of the fathers of Italian industry in the early 20th century. Many people are drawn to this peculiar farmland, and novelist and film director Mario Soldati is one of them. L'Antica appears in his famous wine and gastronomic travelogue, Vino al Vino. After Riero's death, the property changed owners several generations, gradually adding state-of-the-art environmental facilities. After the renovation was completed, the current owner, Claudio Francavilla's father, purchased the winery in 2001 and continues to this day. L'Antica Quercia was Claudio's father's dream. Lantica uses biologico, but since 2018 it has gradually transitioned to biodynamico. They converted to organic farming about 10 years ago. Organic and innovative winemaking was the first answer to what was best for the winery and nature. After switching to biodinamico in 2007, it is certified by ICEA, Italy's leading organic certification agency. Various plants are grown with grapes in the fields, and by filling them in the soil as fertilizer, they naturally provide nutrients and nitrogen to the soil, creating a better environment for the vines. In 2015, through the help of a wine lover acquaintance, Mr. Marchioli, a promising young man known in the area, was appointed as a winemaker. In addition to being a member of the wine consultancy Uvasapiens, Mr. Marchiorri is also active at the family-owned Marchiorri Winery. He has experience as a winemaker in his home country Italy, France, Romania, California, and New Zealand, and has collaborated with many famous wineries.

About wine

The name Matiù comes from Matiuz, the former owner of the plot where he was born. Whole bunch pressed from hand picked grapes. The must is separated from the juice, followed by surrery over the winter and fermentation in the spring. Sharma method. It has a golden color like a transparent straw, with fine bubbles and a refreshing scent of citrus fruits and herbs. In the mouth, the creamy foam accentuates the fresh, citrusy finish. Sugar content 6g/L, acidity 5.5g/L. 2017 Vintage Oyster Wine Contest 2019 ⇒ Sparkling Wine Special Award

Producer description

Agriculture L'Antica Quercia is located in the very heart of the Prosecco. It was founded in the early 70s. In 1997 was the first major restructuring of the company, which included the construction of new buildings and the gradual replacement of the methods of growing grapes. Was a modern underground drip irrigation system. Restructuring was completed in 2002. In 2003 there were planted 500 olives trees, from the harvest of which the company produces excellent olive oil. In 2007 began the transformation of the entire vineyard near the foothills of the Alps.

The entire process of wine-making takes place in a harmonious blend of tradition and modern technology. Using ancient knowledge combined with modernized the winemaking process allow to produce delicious wines that fully express the full potential of the terroir. Since 2007 L'Antika Kuerchi ( in Italian "Old Oak") uses organic farming, but today all products are certified by ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification). More: https://winestyleonline.com

about Matiu Brut

"Matiu" Extra Dry - Extra Dry sparkling wine with a complex, seductive aroma and fruity, well-balanced taste. In its manufacture the Prosecco grapes harvested from vineyards economy with clones 10 and 19. The vineyard soil is rich in macro- and microelements , its structure resembles the soil beyond the Alps. After harvesting, the berries are exposed to short maceration on the skins, soft pressing and fermentation at a controlled temperature of 14 ° C, which lasts 12 days. (method "Charmat") within 30 days. After bottling, sparkling wine "Matthew" further incubated for 30 days in the cellars of the winery. More: https://winestyleonline.com