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Chardonnay DOC Friuli Grave / Chardonnay DOC Friuli Grave 2017

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Goes well with white meat and seafood. Fruity and unique Chardonnay

Individual and elegant. Aromas of fruity apples and bananas, vanilla and a bouquet of white flowers. Fresh, lively and timeless. After debrevage (short-term decantation), the lees are fermented under temperature control. It is then aged on the lees for a long time until March. It goes well with appetizers, soups, risottos, white meat and seafood courses, etc. Gambero Rosso Trevichieri acquired Alc: 13.0%


After a brief period of decantation, the must is racked and fermented at a controlled temperature. Once fermentation is complete, it remains on the fine lees until spring.


Bright straw-yellow with real luster.


Reveals a decidedly intense nose, with alternating notes of apple, banana and vanilla, together with delicate hints of hedgerow.


Racy but balanced, it has a tangy taste and fresh body, with a harmonious finish.


It goes well with starters and risottos. Best served with fish and white meat.