Belching Beaver

Belching Beaver Mosaic Double IPA

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DIPA where you can enjoy the complex aroma of Mosaic hops

A double IPA filled with complex aromas, mixed with aromas reminiscent of pineapple, citrus, passion fruit and grapefruit. A cup of dunk that you can fully enjoy the goodness of Mosaic hops.

  • ABV: 8.8%
  • IBUs: 60
  • Ingredients: malt, hops
  • Style: Double IPA
  • Liquor tax classification: beer
  • Contents: 473ml
  • Container: CAN

I'll be damned, this is a great double IPA! Brewed with 100% Mosaic hops this beer is packed with complex aromas showcasing crushed grapes, citrus, passion fruit and grape fruit. The finish is dry and slightly sweet.