Nuts day feature

Sorcalmon, who is fed up with the fourth state of emergency declaration, is also in "I'M GOING NUTS" state! When it's like that, let's have a good time with almond sparkling wine!

Since July 22nd is Nuts Day, we will have a 722 yen discount sale for one month until August 22nd, when the state of emergency declaration ends. Use coupon code " IM-GOING-NUTS " at checkout.

Products related to nuts. Blow away the humid summer of Japan with a refreshing almond sparkling wine and enjoy a refreshing SOCAL !

Here is a blog that introduces the points of pairing!

* We will discount an additional 722 yen from the displayed price for items such as set items that are more advantageous than buying them individually.

* Applies to 3981 yen or more. Choose something to go with almond sparkling wine! ( 690 yen nuts products are also eligible, so it's a chance to add snacks for free! )