Why Malibro Rocky Oaks Wine Is So High -Geography and Climate-

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Why Malibro Rocky Oaks Wine Is So High -Geography and Climate-

Let's divide into two posts, "Geography and Climate Edition" and "Brewery Edition", about why the wine of Malibro Rocky Oaks , with which our store is affiliated as an authorized retailer, is of high quality. Now for the geo-climate edition.

Table of Contents: Malibro Rocky Oaks, the perfect environment for winemaking

What are the ideal conditions for winemaking?

Geographical and climatic factors such as temperature, rainfall, hours of sunshine, drainage and soil are very important for wine. The Malibro Rocky Oaks vineyards have ideal conditions for this. Climate factors can be further broken down into three categories: macro, meso, and micro climates. The meaning of macro, meso, and micro climates is explained in the figure below.

Macroclimate, mesoclimate and microclimate in wine cultivation
White grapes such as Pinot Gris and Riesling are suitable for cool climates, so the optimal temperature varies depending on the variety of grapes grown, but generally it can be said that the temperature ranges from 10 to 25 degrees Celsius throughout the year . Ideally, winter should not be too cold and summer should not be too hot. Rainfall should be low in the summer when the grapes ripen, and should be high in the winter when the grapes are dormant .

Macroclimate: characteristics of Malibu

What about Malibu, where Malibu Rocky Oaks is located? The climate is typical of Southern California, warm and dry all year round, but in the summer the maximum temperature during the day is about 30 degrees Celsius, the minimum temperature at night is around 15 degrees Celsius, and the winter nights are cold and slightly below 10 degrees Celsius. Around 20 degrees Celsius during the day. As shown in the chart below, there is a temperature difference of about 10°C between day and night, and the fact that there is a difference in temperature also contributes to the production of high-quality grapes because the sugar produced during the daytime is not consumed at night and is accumulated .

Annual temperature changes in Malibu

In terms of rainfall, the ideal is to keep the fruits from becoming watery, so that "there are few fruits in the summer and many in the winter ."

Annual precipitation in Malibu

About 1500 hours of sunshine is required around April -September when the grapes mature, but it exceeds 1800 hours in Southern California .

Annual sunshine hours in Malibu

Meso Climate: Maliblocky Oaks Vineyard Characteristics

From a macro-climatic point of view, Malibu's location was found to be quite favorable for wine cultivation. Next, let's take a look at the meso climate, what is the environment of Mali Blocky Oaks fields in Malibu.

Temperature difference due to sea of ​​clouds

Malibu Rocky Oaks is first located on top of a mountain in the Santa Monica Mountains in Malibu. At an altitude of about 2,000 feet (about 610 meters), a sea of ​​clouds blankets the vineyards in the morning, increasing the natural temperature difference between day and night and contributing to the production of concentrated fruit . .

Good drainage on steep fields

As you can see in the photo below, 2,000 feet (about 610 meters) in altitude means we are on a fairly steep slope, which allows the vineyards to drain very well. It is said that a little water shortage is better in the cultivation of wine grapes. This is because when the vine is dehydrated, it uses its energy to grow the fruit rather than the growth of the foliage . Poor drainage is also said to cause trees to absorb too much water when it rains during the harvest season, making the condensed juice watery. So, the steep slopes and quick drainage of the Maliblocky Oaks give the fruits a very concentrated juice and high quality .

Steep, well-drained vineyards at Maliblocky Oaks Winery

Even in the world, wine grape fields grown on such steep slopes are quite rare.

A field of steep Malibro Rocky Oaks

Volcanic and rocky soil

Soil is said to greatly affect the aroma and taste of wine, and the Santa Monica Mountains, where Malibro Rocky Oaks is located, are mineral-rich volcanic soils that create the unique taste, aroma and color of this land. In addition, since there is rocky soil on the steep slopes, it is possible to produce without using herbicides at all . We often hear from people who have attended SoCalization tastings that they don't get headaches even after drinking a lot of Malibro Rocky Oaks wine.

Craggy rocky soil in Malibro Rocky Oaks

Microclimate: characteristics of specific plots in the field

Micro-climate means that differences in plots within the vineyard (e.g. direction, airflow, hours of sunshine, slopes, soil, etc.) can affect the taste and quality of grapes. We grow our grapes with these differences in mind .

Malibro Rocky Oaks Vineyard Variety Position

For example, Pinot Noir from Maliblocky Oaks, which we do not yet handle, is a grape that prefers cool climates with thin skin and weakens when it is too hot. It is planted in a section on the north side where the temperature is relatively easy to fall.

In addition, in the eastern section 6 and 7 in the figure below, in addition to having more sunshine hours than other sections, the soil is more rocky and rocky , so wine cabernet sauvignon with a higher degree of maturity is produced . This section is a special section that is often used in Malibro Rocky Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve , which we also carry. Take advantage of the climate and enjoy our proud red wine.


In this post, I explained why Malibro Rocky Oaks produces fine wines from a geographical and climatic perspective.


  • Not too hot, not too cold in Malibu, Southern California
  • The temperature difference between day and night and the sea of ​​clouds in the morning
  • long daylight hours
  • ideal summer dry season, winter rainy season
  • Excellent drainage from steep fields
  • Volcanic and rocky soil
  • Cultivation Plot Arrangement Optimized for Grape Varieties

In the next post , we will consider the creators, philosophy, etc. of Mali Blocky Oaks. looking forward to.

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