Bachelorette Consideration of the ending by comparing Japanese and US formats

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Bachelorette Consideration of the ending by comparing Japanese and US formats

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Although it is not directly related to the main business and the wine business, in addition to handling wines related to the US version of Bachelorette at our company, when I was living in the United States as the representative, I started the Bachelor Bachelorette season. Fans who have been watching the spin-off Bachelor in Paradise for over 5 years! With that in mind, I would like to write my thoughts on the controversial Japanese Bachelorette season 1 , comparing Japan and the United States .

*Beware of spoilers , so if you haven't seen the final episode of the season, please watch the final episode and then come back to the blog!

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American version of Bachelorette shooting stage Malibro Rocky Oaks

The reason why this season caused so much controversy is that the first Bachelorette, Moeko Fukuda , didn't choose anyone in the end .

Ninety-nine Okamura, the program navigator, was also dissatisfied with this, but when Yohei Sugita, also known as "Sugi-chan", who I also recommended, did not receive a rose, I was disappointed and dumbfounded for a while, and a little angry. I also felt

However, in conclusion, I think it can't be helped if Bachelorette thought that finalists Yohei Sugita and Huang Hao were "No! They're not marriage partners!"

The honeycomb episode after the final episode (Bachelor/Bachelorette is named the times when a man and a woman are beaten by a dropped bachelorette lol) But as Moeko Fukuda said, "It's my life, so I decide" I agree 100% I think it's wrong to make an important decision "Because I appeared on the program, because the audience expects it."

I think I was prepared to receive bashing from viewers and officials. I thought it was amazing to be resolute.

(But, even so, the way Sugi-chan went out to express his feelings was something that really struck me...😢)

Even in Bachelor Season 3, there was a turmoil in that the person who did not hand over the final rose was later married.

But I think, "Bachelor and Bachelorette are not bad!"

Comparing the Bachelor/Bachelorette between Japan and the US, if I had to say something, it would be the Japanese version of the format rather than the performers!

I had a faint feeling when I saw the Japanese version of Bachelor Season 1, and I became convinced after Shinya Tomonaga 's episode in Season 3 and Moeko Fukuda's episode in Bachelorette Season 1 . The density of the relationship is completely different.

The scene where I felt this

  • The Bachelor Season 3: Final Date
    • When food likes and dislikes come up on the final date
  • Bachelorette Season 1: Final Rose Ceremony
    • The reason why I couldn't give the rose to Sugi-chan was that I couldn't see her as a love interest.

Looking at the above two scenes, I felt that the number of dates and individual relationships may not go deep both mentally and physically .

Of course , there are differences in love culture and customs between Japan and the United States, so there may be some things that can't be helped, but I would like to write about the differences between Japan and the United States as reference information.

American version of Bachelorette shooting stage Malibro Rocky Oaks

Maliblocky Oaks Winery, the setting for the American version of Bachelorette

Length of broadcast time (≒ number of dates)

It seems that the length of the filming period is about two months in both Japan and the United States, which is about the same, but the broadcast time per episode is one hour in Japan and two hours in the United States .

I haven't exactly compared the number of dates per episode, but from a sensory point of view, I think the American version has twice as many dates as Japan . The Japanese version of the Bachelor/Bachelorette has one date a day, sometimes two dates, but the American version usually has two dates, and sometimes three.

In the American version, the number of participants at the beginning is basically about 25 people, so there may be times when you have to do that, but at the very least, "food likes and dislikes" will not be talked about on the final date. I don't think so...

Since it's so popular in Japan, I think it would be better to increase the duration of each episode and increase the number of times you can go on dates so that you can properly choose your partner and keep your relationship with the person who was chosen at the end . Moreover, the Japanese version has a length for discussion between the program navigators, so if you add that, the actual broadcast time is about 45 minutes? Not in the American version. (I like it that way lol)

Positioning of performers in relation to the Bachelorette (/Bachelor)

This may be a world of nuances, but the position of the performers competing for the Bachelorette rose is a kind of nuance like "everyone is a boyfriend" in the American version, and both the Bachelorette and the viewers are watching. (In the case of The Bachelor, the performers are all hers.)

In Japan, it is customary for one of them to confess and officially start dating, but there is no such ceremony in America. Lol Sometimes there are conversations like "Are we dating?" It will be.

When I watch the Japanese bachelor, Bachelorette, I can't help but feel the nuance of "finally dating" in the final round of handing over the ring, and as someone who watched the American version, I felt somewhat uncomfortable. I'm giving you a ring, but you're not engaged! ? When.

American version of Bachelorette shooting stage Malibro Rocky Oaks

kiss time

There is a part that leads to ↑, but in the American version, kissing usually starts around the second date . Probably around episode 3-4. (Sometimes it happens as early as when you two are talking for the first time lol) In Japan, there is an atmosphere where kissing is only allowed after the last rose is handed over.

Japan is a modest country, so start chugging this all of a sudden like the American version! It may be difficult to say, but isn't it enough if it's about the last four people? LOL It's not the main purpose of the program, but in Japan, where the population is rapidly declining due to the declining birthrate, it would be good for a program like this to take the lead in promoting meat-eating among men and women! ?

Seriously though, if this becomes a matter of course, I think that there won't be any people who can't be seen as romantic interests until the end. On the other hand, I think that kissing someone you thought you weren't romantically interested in can make you see them as romantically interested.

American version of Bachelorette shooting stage Malibro Rocky Oaks

fantasy suite

The American version of the Bachelor/Bachelorette has a Fantasy Suite (a suite of hotel "suites") that is a sleepover date . If both people wish at the stage narrowed down to four people, they will have a physical relationship. I don't have a camera, so please calm down... smile

When I saw the American version season for the first time, I was shocked by this. I think it would be a high hurdle to introduce this in the Japanese version where the kiss does not happen until the final episode, but the advantage is that it is the first time that the camera is not rolling, so you can ask questions and have deep conversations. That's the point. Also, in the United States, it is relatively accepted that "since you are an adult, it is natural, and compatibility is also important."

In fact, in the American version, the relationship with the candidate who was thought to be the leading candidate in the fantasy suite deteriorated overnight, and it happened that they said goodbye at the Rose Ceremony right after that, so the final goal was " If you think of it as "finding a marriage partner", I think it's a system that tends to be "not pear" . (Do you feel numb?)

American version of Bachelorette shooting stage Malibro Rocky Oaks


As mentioned above, I tried to talk about the ending of the bachelorette Moeko Fukuda season, which was controversial, from the perspective of the format, by comparing the bachelorette and the bachelor between Japan and the United States.

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