Valentine's Special / Valentine's Special

Show love to your loved ones this Valentine's Day!

Valentine BOX to convey love Malibu Rocky Oaks Double Rose Set

One of the missions of Socalization to turn Japan into Southern California,

As part of the activities to "enrich Japanese expressions of affection", we support people who convey their love.

Celebrity bubble rosé created by a genius selected as the best sparkling wine brewer

On the steep hills of Southern California.
There are wineries and vast vineyards that look like castles in the sky and are rumored to bring eternal love.

The name of the place is "Malibu Rocky Oaks".
The place that became the shooting stage of the Bachelorette America version.
The couples who tied the knot during that season got married, were blessed with children, and are still living happily together.

Why don't you give a "Rosé that swears love" to those who are important to you while talking about the inside story of such a romantic wine in a fun way?

The color of the rosé wine is an orange pink like a “gentle rose petal”.
It looks good on glasses and is popular with people in the fashionable industry.

Rosé sparkling is a special rose sparkling made by a wine genius for celebrities.

This rosé was born from the strong commitment of the winery owner,
First vintage made in collaboration with sparkling expert Manveer Sandhu.

In 2020, he was selected as the best sparkling wine maker of the year in Sonoma County, a famous California wine region.

In this special set, in the wooden box,
Delivered with a single rose flower.
The luxury and Instagrammability are outstanding.

"Will you accept this rosé?"

How about giving it as a gift that conveys love and gratitude with a charming line?

* We also have rose sets other than rosé wine and rose sets for wines other than Mali Blocky Oaks.