Southern California wines that go well with New Year's dishes

Pick up a wine that goes well with New Year's

SoCalization representative Shirakami recommends Southern California wines that go well with New Year's dishes.

There are various kinds of tastes even if you say Osechi, but roughly divided,

  • sour
  • sweet
  • meat

I think that it can be classified into the three types of taste. We have picked up some items that will complement both New Year's dishes and wine, so please refer to them.


Hand-rolled sushi, chirashizushi, raw fish, and other osechi dishes that are mainly seasoned with vinegar can be enjoyed with a synergistic sour wine or a sweeter wine with a contrasting effect. prize.

It is good to match with white wine or rosé because it is often fish-based in the sour-based menu of New Year's dishes.


It would be nice to match a sweet wine with sweet menus such as datemaki and simmered dishes!

However, many sweet red wines are too strong in taste, so we recommend pairing them with white.

Our recommendation is JUSTIN's Sauvignon Blanc and Almond Sparkling Wine .


Meat osechi menus such as roast beef, duck, and other meats that condense the umami and soup stock should be paired with red wine.

On the other hand, if you pair it with a so-called full-bodied red, the wine will be too strong and hide the taste of the food, so I would like to recommend an elegant fruity Pinot Noir.

The three wines below are all from Santa Barbara, a very cool area in Southern California, and all are finished in an elegant style of Pinot Noir.