Luciano Sandrone

Luciano Sandrone Nebbiolo D'Alba Valmaggiore 1500ml 2015

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ルチアーノ・サンドローネ / ネッビオーロ・ダルバ・ヴァルマッジオーレ 2015






This wine was born as a result of the winemaker’s strong passion for Nebbiolo and the desire for the wine to show the expression of the vineyard. Grapes used are from Valmaggiore, a historic cru situated in Vezza d’alba in the Barolo area. Intense ruby red in color, it has a very refined bouquet with fruity notes of small red berries, blackberries, and raspberries and hints of violet. The delicate nuance of oak penetrates beautifully and gives the wine its complexity. A wine where one can enjoy a rich, mellow, and elegant flavor.

Varietal: Nebbiolo