Y by Yoshiki Cabernet Sauvignon California 2019

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After all, I think that life is "density"

Born in 2009, "Y by YOSHIKI" is a collaboration between Japan's leading artist YOSHIKI and winemaker Rob Mondavi Jr., the fourth generation of a family of Napa Valley winemakers. The wines are sourced from fine California vineyards and represent the artistry, quality and creativity of this partnership. This California appellation wine is a wine that YOSHIKI calls "smart casual" and fits your everyday lifestyle. The 2017 vintage Chardonnay released in 2018 became a very popular Chardonnay that sold out soon after its release, and the same vintage Chardonnay was released in 2019 under the title of “Encore”. This Chardonnay "Encore", which has proved its popularity and high quality, has become a representative work of Y by YOSHIKI both in name and reality, and the Chardonnay after the 2019 vintage will also be inherited as "Encore". rice field.

Typical California Cabernet Sauvignon aromas of ripe fruit, pomegranate and honey. The palate offers fresh, dark blackberry, cassis, caramel flavors from French and American oak. Velvety on the tongue, it is an approachable wine with a perfect balance of tannin, fruit and freshness.