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[Couple Love White Cabernet] Rose Box / White Cabernet Wine Rose Box

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Family-friendly winery's specialty sparkling wine with roses

Wilson Creek Winery was established for a family of 24 people, including 4 golden retrievers, to live together.

Now the late founder Jerry and his wife Rosie have lived a married life for 66 years, sticking to the 10 points. When the winery and Jerry were awarded, he thanked everyone in front of everyone for his wife's support, saying, "Thanks to my beautiful wife, Rosie."

We will deliver the winery's famous White Cabernet Sauvignon (white wine made from red wine grapes) together with roses.

10 rules for married life

  1. If you have any concerns, discuss them with an adult. Don't let small things become big things! If something is bugging you, put it on the table and deal with it in an adult manner. Don't let the little things become big things!
  2. Never criticize your partner in front of others. Talk between the two of you. Never criticize your spouse in front of other people. Discuss these items in private.
  3. Don't talk about money problems or big problems before going to bed. Do not discuss finances or big problems just before bed.
  4. Pick a fight. Most things aren't worth arguing about. Make it meaningful to each other. Choose your battles. Most are not worth fighting over - it should be a win-win situation.
  5. Admit when you do something wrong. that's an adult. Part of maturity is being able to admit that you were mistaken. "I screwed up!"
  6. Don't expect perfection from your partner. you're not perfect! Don't expect your partners to be perfect....YOU AREN'T!
  7. to support each other. Be your opponent's number one fan. Be supportive of each other - be your partner's biggest fan.
  8. Communication is important. Make decisions together. Communication is very important.
  9. always say i love you Remember to always say I love you.
  10. keep dating. And sometimes surprise! Continue to date each other, and be spontaneous!

    ■Gift set contents White Cabernet Sauvignon Wine with Rose Set

      ■ Precautions

      *Items (candles, glasses, etc.) in the photos other than the above are images of the production.

      *Rose will be sent with fresh flowers in a box. Due to the delivery time and the time it takes to open the package, it may lose its freshness, so we recommend purchasing the cool delivery option as an additional option.