The Paring

The Paring Chardonnay Santa Barbara County 2020

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Winery information
There are two types of people in this world: those who achieve their own success through steady effort and study, and those who are naturally gifted with some kind of talent. For Matt Dies, the profession of brewer is truly a vocation.

Matt studied geology at the University of Vermont and has experience working in the Napa Valley Staglin and New Zealand's Craggy Ranges. Matt is one of the few winemakers who has an instinctive understanding of the whole process, from the soil to the grapes to the wine made from those grapes.

The most important thing for Matt, who has a strong sense of curiosity and a spirit of challenge, is to put effort into the fields and cultivation. Making quality wine starts with growing healthy grapes, taking into account soil conditions and weather.

The Pairing philosophy is "winemaking without territory". At The Pairing, we use grapes harvested from various vineyards, find a style that suits the grapes, and blend the wines exquisitely.

The Pairing is the second wine shared by sister wineries 'Jonata' and 'The Hilt' and is produced by Matt Diess. "Paring" comes from "paring knife" which is the name of petty knife or paring knife. A paring knife is a kitchen knife that is always included in every kitchen that loves cooking, and it has the flexibility to handle all kinds of ingredients. The pairing wines are also crafted in an adaptable style that makes them easy to pair with a variety of dishes.

The style of the wine is extremely pure. It's a wine that doesn't overstate, yet has a strong presence and flavor. Most of the appellations on the label are from California, but in fact most of the grapes are of a quality that can be called Santa Barbara AVA. Rather, the pairing is not a wine that you can enjoy in such a dimension, but a "delicious wine that does not fail" to liven up your time with family and friends, and is easy to "pair" in various situations. A “go-to” casual wine brand.