Sandhi Pinot Noir Santa Rita Hills / Sandhi Pinot Noir Sta. Rita Hills 2020

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Winery information
Sandy is a small production winery that makes wine from carefully selected vineyards in the Santa Rita Hills of Santa Barbara County. Founded in 2010 by Rajah Parr, then Wine Director of Michael Mina Restaurant Group, and winemaker Sasi Moorman.

Sandy's concept is very simple, and it is to make one "shape" of the three major elements that are indispensable for wine making: "people", "soil" and "grapes". This means not only making great wine, but also taking care of our employees and the natural environment. The essence of Sandy is how to create a wonderful "shape" using the terroir of Santa Barbara County, which can be said to be the holy land of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in California.

Incorporating venerable traditional fields and new fields, if you pursue a balance, make the most of each individuality. Currently using growers include Bentrock, Rita's Crown, Sanford & Benedict, Mt. Carmel, Rinconada, and La Côte, owned by sister winery "Domaine de la Côte".

In winemaking, finesse, minerality, rich acidity, and overall highlighting of structure reveal the hidden power and beauty of the grapes. Too much fruit, too much alcohol, too much oak aroma can blur the terroir.

The Santa Rita Hills terroir results in crisp, fresh, and energetic wines when properly practiced and respectful of the land.
This is the same for both white and red. All wines use only indigenous yeasts. The Chardonnay undergoes a slow and long press cycle to preserve the original aromas of the grapes. MLF does, but doesn't mess around with sediments. The generous use of whole bunches in Pinot Noir gives the wine a lively, cola-like spice and texture that is both complex and smooth. Puncheons, old barrels, and concrete are the main containers used, and new barrels are used sparingly. All of this is made possible by the Santa Rita Hills' clay soils and diatomaceous earth, the region's strong winds, north-facing slopes, and old vines. No water, no sugar, no acid, and no enzymes or stabilizers are added.

The winery name "Sandy" means consonant or cooperation in Sanskrit from Rajah's hometown of India.

Rajah and Sasi have also collaborated on Oregon's Evening Land and are leading the elegant movement in Oregon.