Malibu Rocky Oaks

[Red wine that swears love] Rose BOX / Red Wine Rose Box

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love red wine

Malibu, Southern California, on a steep hill.
There are wineries and vast vineyards that look like castles in the sky and are rumored to bring eternal love.

The name of the place is "Malibu Rocky Oaks".
The place that became the shooting stage of the Bachelorette America version.
The couples who tied the knot during that season got married, were blessed with children, and are still living happily together.

While happily telling the inside story of such a romantic wine, to those who know "I swear my love" red wine,
With a surprise rose in the box,

"Will you accept this rose?"

With the charming line,
Why don't you give it to someone important as a gift to convey love and gratitude?

    ■Gift set contents Red Wine with Rose Set

      ■ Precautions

      *Items (candles, glasses, etc.) in the photos other than the above are images of the production.

      *Rose will be sent with fresh flowers in a box. Due to the delivery time and the time it takes to open the package, it may lose its freshness, so we recommend purchasing the cool delivery option as an additional option.