The Ugly Glüh Wein

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Tasting Note A slightly sweet wine with fresh and juicy red wine with gorgeous aromas of citrus fruits such as orange, cinnamon and anise. It's a deliciousness that can be warmed up in the cold of winter.

Mulled wine (German for mulled wine) is a traditional warm winter drink that is popular all over the world. The mulled wine served at the Christmas market in December is a tradition that warms the body and soul. Recipes vary from country to country. This 'The Ugly Mulled Wine' is a delicious mulled wine, full of good Spanish grapes, citrus and spices, bottled with the warmth of the Mediterranean sun.

"Ugly" in The Ugly Mulled Wine means "ugly". In recent years, in the United States, the third Friday of December is known as "The Ugly Christmas Jumper Day," a day when people celebrate by wearing an ugly sweater knitted by their grandmothers but a bit embarrassing to wear. It seems that there is. The Ugly Mulled Wine was inspired by such a heartwarming event that makes you laugh a little.

The Ugly Mulled Wine is a high-quality red wine made from 100% Spanish Tempranillo, made with fresh citrus fruits, natural herbs and spices. No artificial sweeteners or artificial flavors are added.
Put it in a pot and warm it for a few minutes to the extent that it does not boil. If it's for one person, it's OK to put it in a mug and warm it in the microwave. It's fun to make your own recipe by adding oranges, cinnamon, etc. as you like.