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Hahn Winery GSM Central Coast / Hahn Winery GSM Central Coast 2020

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Winery information
The winery was founded in the 1970s by Nikki and Gaby Hahn, German-Swiss immigrants. Initially, we planted cabernet trees and started making wine, but due to the characteristics of this region, which is affected by the cold currents of the Pacific Ocean and the deep, cold seawater of Monterey Bay, in the 1980s, we began to revitalize our capabilities in a cooler environment. Replanted with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. In 1988, Nicky, who was convinced of the potential of this area, started activities to have Santa Lucia Highlands (SLH) recognized by AVA, and finally in 1995 it was recognized as AVA. Today, the Santa Lucia Highlands is widely known as a fine wine producing area, especially Pinot Noir.

Today, the Hahn family owns 6 company fields in Monterey County, 4 company fields 260ha in SLH, 2 company fields 184ha in Arroyo Seco AVA spreading to the south, a total of 444ha. increase. Of these, 140ha is planted with Pinot Noir, accounting for 12% of the entire SLH Pinot Noir field, making it the winery with the largest share. It also has the richest clonal variety in the region, currently growing 21 different Pinot Noirs.

The variety of soils, climates, sunshine due to the direction of the slopes, and the combination of clones make it possible to create a wonderful Pinot Noir that cannot be imitated by others, and the Pinot Noir expresses the individuality of the terroir of each company field. I'm here. The growing season in this region is about 25 days longer than in other California viticultural regions, resulting in grapes with rich flavor, depth, structure and great concentration.

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Tasting Notes
Bright ruby ​​in color, with generous aromas of black cherry, red berry, touch of violet and white pepper. On the palate, enticing flavors of ripe plum, red and black cherry, hints of earthiness and spice, enhanced by a broad, rich mid -palate, pleasant mouthfeel and a well-composed finish.

Inspired by the Rhône blends of Southern France, our GSM combines the character of each varietal into rich layers of flavors and textures. Bright, fruity Grenache contributes raspberry, strawberry and cherry flavors, while Syrah lends color, tannins and hints of blueberry. amount of Mourvèdre brings richness to the mid-palate and lengthens the dry finish.