California Roots

California Roots Pinot Grigio California 2020

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California is also known as the "Golden State". Gold was discovered near present-day Sacramento in 1848, and in the following year, 1849, pioneers from around the world flocked to make their fortunes. Such pioneers were called "49rs 49ers", and new towns were built where they gathered, such as shops and schools.

But gold mining wasn't the only industry that flourished during the 'Gold Rush' that lasted until about 1855. It is said that the peripheral industries that support the lives of the 49ers and the foundation for the development of the wine industry were built at the same time.

If you work hard and have some luck to back you up, your big dreams might come true. Good food and good wine are indispensable for such everyday life. And most of all, if you have family and friends who can talk about your dreams while sitting around the dining table, life is good enough. In California, where the sun shines brightly, the soil and culture where delicious food is born while enjoying life has been rooted since that time. And this may be the origin of the American Dream. This "California Roots" is filled with the spirit of California. It is a wine that is easy to get along with and is a joy to drink. Labels with a casual and bright impression also emphasize the ease of distinguishing between varieties. Good compatibility with all meals is also one of the reasons for its popularity.
And the reason for the popularity of this brand is not only taste and price. The aspect of using 100% grapes grown in sustainable own fields (Trinkero Family Estates) in the production area known for the highest quality grapes, such as Napa Valley and Central Coast in California, is also popular from a wide range of generations. is one of the reasons for its popularity. Why not add wines packed with the spirit of California to your lifestyle?