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Bogle Vineyards Juggernaut Cabernet Sauvignon 2020 / Juggernut Cabernet Sauvignon 2020

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Rich taste produced from a harsh environment

French oak beautifully transforms the mountain Cabernet into a wine of exceptional richness. Brilliant dark fruit and vanilla aromas are joined by rich blackcurrant flavors. A rich, weighty texture in the mid-palate and plenty of tannin in the finish. Fierce, brave, and delicious.

Born only by overcoming difficulties.
The grapes for this wine are grown under difficult conditions. Only true courage and determination can produce great results. Determined Cabernet vines take root on steep rocky slopes and grow deep in search of life-sustaining moisture, and indomitable Pinot Noir vines thrive against wind and fog in inhospitable conditions. It will unwaveringly endure exposure and gain valuable warmth and sunshine hours during its long growing season.
Juggernut Wines harnesses the power of nature to create wines as expressive, inviting and as robust as the powerful unknown beast depicted on the label.

Why hillside vineyards are special for Cabernet <br>The steep hillside vineyards are the ultimate challenge. The mountainous terrain challenges both growers and vines. But the results are definitely great.
These hillside fields have less water supply and are less nutritious due to the rocky soil. Such conditions stress the grapes, resulting in very low yields. Under such harsh conditions, the grapes struggle to grow, the number of bunches decreases and the size of the fruit becomes smaller. The result is fruit that is richly ripe and intensely concentrated in flavor and complexity. Our hillside vineyards are something special. And the wine that comes from it is also something special.

Pure, intense and seamlessly structured French oak beautifully transforms Hillside's concentrated fruit into a wine of exceptionally rich, smooth and luxurious texture.
Juggernut Hillside Cabernet is ferocious, brave and delicious.