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Lam de Grappe Pinot Noir / Lames de Grappe Pinot Noir 2016

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Parker point 90+, the best performance ever in the "whole bunch tears" series produced only in super hit years

It's the forces of nature that happen only once every few years that give us truly incredible wines. This is the "Larmes de Grappe" series, which means "whole bunch of tears".

The finest Pinot Noir, which has never been made since 2005, is back with the 2016 vintage. In the year when the stems (the stems and stems that connect the bunches of grapes) that are usually removed become woody, the Nomi Rame de Grape series is made, and the whole bunches, including the woody part, are fermented using a special manufacturing method. This is due to the astringency of tannins: when you put a rich and astringent red wine containing a lot of tannins in your mouth, or a white wine with a rich acidity, you will feel a tightening sensation in your gums and inside of your cheeks. ), making the wine more suitable for long aging.


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Every once in a while nature provides the substance for a truly remarkable wine. "Larmes de Grappe," or "Tears of the Whole Cluster," is one such wine. Amazing, Unbelievable, Mind-boggling - We haven't made the wine since 2005. Jim only makes it on select vintages when we can produce a high-quality, 100% whole cluster, pinot bottling. Aged 2 years new french oak. Incredibly rich. Scored 95+ points Antonio Galloni's Vinous;