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Cycles Gladiator Sauvignon Blanc California 2020

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Country of Origin America Region California Appellation California Winery Cycles Gladiator Cycles Gladiator
Vintage 2020
Color White grape variety 96% Sauvignon Blanc, 4% Semillon
Reviews & Ratings Customer Reviews Data Stopper Screw Cap Capacity 750ml
Alcohol content 13.5%
Product Code CG-1SB--20
In stock In stock Enjoy and store Tasting Notes A typical 'French' Sauvignon Blanc blend with notes of guava, gooseberry, freshly cut grass and cantaloupe. Then comes a burst of nectarine, orange peel and pink grapefruit flavors. A bombshell wine that encompasses all the flavors you could expect from a Sauvignon Blanc. You can enjoy both the wonderful acidity that makes you salivate and the plumpness that comes from aging with the lees.

production information brewing
TA: 7.8g/L
pH: 2.99
Aging: Stainless steel tanks, surreal aging for 9 months

Winery Winery information
Released in 2004, the brand was created by ex-Hahn winery vintner Adam Lazar.

The typical Californian style with a rich fruit flavor, and the novel design label of a woman riding a bicycle has become a hot topic, and it has become a brand loved all over the world, including the United States.

Adam returned to Cycles Gladiator, which became the signature brand of Wine Hooligans after going on his own in 2014, and now, 10 years after its release, it is expected to take another leap forward.

Adam Lazar is one of California's most acclaimed winemakers and a noted winemaker who has won multiple awards at the prestigious Los Angeles International Wine Competition.

The label is an existing poster from the Belle Epoque era, depicting the invention of the time, the bicycle, and the woman who gained freedom with it as a "Gladiator". A work of art that captures the unbridled beauty of California's wilderness.